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FLEXI-MATRIX 545 is a two component, 100% solids, moisture-insensitive epoxy used for making high-strength chemical resistant polymer concrete. FLEXI-MATRIX 545 may be used under wet or dry conditions, or even underwater, to provide durable, high-strength toppings, patches, floors, walls or other structural elements, when used in accordance with the instructions. It may be applied over concrete, steel, tile, wood, and fiberglass.
PHOTO: Polymer concrete based on FLEXI-MATRIX 545 is poured as a new structural liner for a chemical waste sump.


  • As a combination waterproof, chemical resistant barrier, and structural repair material in a wide variety of marine and industrial applications.
  • To prime and protect steel reinforcement prior to application of cement-based patching compounds or concrete, while improving adhesion of these materials.
  • Repairs to piers, dams, sumps, tanks, floors, and other structural elements, in or out of the water.



Low Modulus, Low Viscosity, Modified Epoxy with adhesion-promoting additives.


Approx. 450 - 700 cps

Mix Ratio:

2.5:1 by volume

Pot Life:

20-30 min. at 700F


4 - 8 hours at 700F

Bond Strength:

>300 psi wet or dry

Mechanical Strengths:



10,500 - 14,000 psi


 5,900 - 9,000 psi


>2,000 psi


1. Surface Preparation: Apply to clean, dry, damp, or wet (even under standing water) substrates free of grease, oil, dirt, coatings or other materials which may inhibit adhesion. Steel surfaces should be free of rust and scale for maximum effectiveness. Unsound materials should be removed prior to repair. If existing structure will serve merely as a form for new FLEXI-MATRIX 545 elements, assure adequate footings, anchoring, reinforcement, and design thickness by consulting with a Licensed Professional Engineer.

2. Mixing: Add pre-measured hardener to short-tilled container of resin, or carefully measure proper proportions of resin and hardener when mixing partial units. Mix using slow speed drill mixer for at least two minutes, scraping container sides and bottom periodically to assure thorough blending of all materials. Careful, thorough hand-mixing is also acceptable.

Once liquid components have been thoroughly blended, add dry aggregates. Fine aggregate should be clean, graded sand or crushed stone, conforming to the requirements of concrete aggregate. Prepackaged aggregate is also available from Edison Coatings, Inc. Coarse aggregate should be clean gravel, quartz or trap rock, with maximum size less than 1/3 the diameter of thickness of the anticipated pour. For maximum density, a mixture of one part stone to two parts sand by weight is recommended. Mechanical mixing is required. Pot life is greatly extended once all sand and gravel have been added. The ratio of dry materials to binder may be varied to produce differing slumps and densities. To achieve an impervious polymer concrete, ratios of 5:1 by weight (fillers:epoxy mixture) or lower are required. Small scale trial pours utilizing actual dry materials and proportions for your particular project are strongly recommended.

3. Application: Apply by brush, roller or squeegee. On porous surfaces, apply in such a manner that material briefly "floods" the surface, allowing good penetration. If material is completely absorbed, apply additional material. On smooth surfaces applyeven, thin films. If excess material is ponded, spread or remove. Nominal coverage rate is 100 - 200 sq. ft. per gal. Actual coverage will vary with surface texture, porosity and application technique. If desired, more than one coat may be applied. For best results, apply second coat within 96 hours, or prepare fully-cured first coat by light sanding or solvent-wiping with a strong solvent such as Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Xylene, 1,1,1 -Trichioroethane, or Edison SYSTEM 100 or 101 solvents. CAUTION!: Solvents are hazardous materials. Carefully observe all Material Safety Data Sheet guidelines as directed by the solvent manufacturer.

4. Topping: Polymer concretes and mortars based on FLEXI-MATRIX 545 may be poured at any time, whether bond coat has set or not, and almost without regard as to the length of cure of bond coat. Techniques for forming and pouring FLEXI-MATRIX 545 polymer concretes are similar to those employed with portland cement concretes, except that shrinkage is negligable and slump is generally much higher. Adhesive strength of FLEXI-MATRIX 545 is also very high, and positive form release techniques are essential. Use polyethylene sheet or polyurethane varnish for facilitating form release. Oils may be inadequate.

Thin coatings of neat FLEXI-MATRIX 545 resin/hardener are compatible for further topping with new concrete or other cementitious topping/patch materials. These may be applied at any point from immediately after FLEXI-MATRIX 545 application, until the mixture begins to "gel" and becomes tacky. Do not apply toppins over FLEXI-MATRIX 545 which is cured to a tack-free or near tack-free state. Reappply FLEXI-MATRIX bond coat per the above instructions, if necessary, to assure proper bonding under such conditions.

5. Limitations: Do not apply below 450F or when temperatures of substrate, air or topping may fall below 450F within 8 hours of application. Do not apply against hydrostatic pressure from behind the slab, as this product is not intended for negative-side waterproofing.

6. Curing, Handling, Clean-up: Clean tools immediately after use with above-referenced solvents. Avoid skin and eye contact. Use with adequate ventilation. Observe all safety handling, storage and personal protection guidelines as detailed in the Material Safety Data Sheets provided with this product. Temperature affects curing, handling and spreading. Presence of moisture also accelerates cure. To speed product reaction time, addition of up to 10% FLEXI-SPEED 599 is permitted. Refer to label guidelines and warnings.545(2)


Photo: Pourable Flexi-Matrix 545 epoxy concrete is cast into forms within unsound concrete tank walls to create a new, stronger, more chemical resistant tank wall.

Edison Coatings, Inc. Products are manufactured in the United States of America from Components Originating in the United States, Canada, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Australia, South Africa and South Korea.
BioLime NHL 3.5 Buff is a product of Italy. BioLime NHL 2, NHL 3.5 White and NHL 5.0 are Products of France. Marfil is a Product of Spain. SILAN-TREAT 88C is produced in Germany.

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