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This section of our web site contains Safety Data Sheets for Edison Coatings products.

Click on the link to view the Safety Data Sheet:

Restoration Latex RL 1-7

Cem Plast 54 Stucco


Thin Fill 55B Powder Component

Thin Fill 55A Liquid Component

ICE Minus 9 (RL-9)

Silan-Treat 88C

Rosendale & Translantic 10C

Silox-Treat 89W, 89WH

Rosendale & Translantic 11G/11Gi Injection Grout

System 90-W, 90-WL, 90-W-Color

Rosendale & Translantic 12M Masonry Mortar

System 90-II Catalytic Sealer
System 90-II Part B

Rosendale 13P Masonry Patch

LiquiDirt 94

Rosendale & Translantic 14S Stucco

System 95W Consolidant

Rosendale & Translantic 15W Whitewash

Aquathane UA210 Polyurethane Coatings
Sil-Quathane 222

Type G Additive

Rosendale & Translantic 16B Beton Concrete

AquaSpex 220 Special Effects Coating

Lime Putty 20

Aqryl-X 200

Primer 240

Lime Putty 20M, 20M-HSD, 20S

Aquepoxy 250 Part A Resin

Aquepoxy 250 Part B Curing Agent

System 22 Set Retarder

EverKote 300 Mineral Coatings

EverKote 300 Primer

EverKote 300 Dilution

E-NHL Mortars 20M, 35M, 50M

E-NHL Grouts 20G/Gi, 35G/Gi, 50G/Gi

Primer 342

Spray Block 40 Sacrificial Coating

Elastodeck 350, Elastowall 351, Elastomastic 352, Elastotone 353, Elastofill 354

EXPO 43 Cement-Based Coating

Flexi-Deck 500-E Part A Resin

Flex-Deck 500-E Part B Hardener

System 44 Concrete Repair

Flexi-Deck 500-L Part A Resin

Flexi-Deck 500-L Part B Hardener

Custom 45B Powder Component
Custom 45A Liquid Component

Flexi-Deck 500-U Part A Resin

Flexi-Deck 500-U Part B Hardener

Spec Joint 46 Cement-Lime Mortars

Flexi-Gard 500N Part A Resin

Flexi-Gard 500N Part B Hardener

Spec Joint 46L Lime Mortar

Flexi-Gard 500-N-FLX Part A

Flexi-Gard 500-N-FLX Part B Hardener

Deck Top 47 Concrete Overlayment

Flexi-Top 550/555 Part A Resin

Flexi-Top 550-555 Part B Hardener

System 49 CPBA
System 49 Part A

Flexi-Gard 500S Part A Resin

Flexi-Gard 500-S Part B Hardener


Flexi-Seal 510, 510U Part A Resin

Flexi-Seal 510, 510U Part B Hardener

Pump-X53i, 53iE, 53iL Injection Grouts

Flexi-Weld 520 Part A Resin

Flexi-Weld 520 Part B Hardener

Pump-X53 Void Filling Grout

Flexi-Weld 520T Part A Resin

Flexi-Weld 520T Part B Hardener

Flexi-Fill 530 Part A Resin

Flex--Fill 530 Part B Hardener

Flexi-Bond 540, 545 Part A Resin
Flexi-Bond 540, 545 Part B Hardener

Marine Flex 570 Part A Resin

Marine Flex 570 Part B Hardener

Flashepoxy 580 Part A Resin

Flashepoxy Part B Hardener


Edison Coatings, Inc. Products are manufactured in the USA from US and foreign components.
E-NHL 2, E-NHL 3.5 White and E-NHL 5.0 are Products of France.
E-NHL 3.5 Buff and Ruregold are Products of Italy. Marfil is a Product of Spain.

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