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Waterborne Breathable Acrylic Elastomeric Coatings


350-Series coatings are high-solids, internally plasticized, waterborne acrylic elastomers with exceptional water and weather resistance. They offer an opportunity to accomplish three major objectives in one process:

    1. Seal small working cracks

    2. Waterproof porous surfaces

    3. Provide highly decorative finishes

Their combination of high build, outstanding exterior durability, and low temperature flexibility make the 350-Series the coatings of choice for the most demanding applications. Advanced waterborne formulation represents the state of the art in handling convenience, safety, low odor and low V.O.C.'s. The result is a high-performance coating system that is both User and Environmentally Friendly.

ELASTO DECK 350 is designed for use on properly pitched or drained roof surfaces which may intermittently accumulate puddles or ponded water. It may be applied over a wide range of substrates, including concrete, plywood, polystyrene foam, metal, and many types of existing roofing materials.

ELASTO WALL 351 is designed to waterproof and decorate vertical and sloped above-grade surfaces, including porous block, exposed aggregate concrete panels, polystyrene foam, exterior stucco/insulation systems, and glaze-crazed terra cotta, including walls exhibiting small working cracks. It has somewhat higher vapor permeability and elongation than ELASTO DECK 350, which offers better ponded water resistance.

ELASTO MASTIC 352 is a knife-grade, higher solids formulation designed for pretreatment of surface defects and cracks prior to general coating application. Depressions and defects are simply "spackled", and then a 350-Series coating is applied after drying.

ELASTO-TONE 353 is a highly permeable finish system for economical color coatings and "touch-up" applications. Based on the same chemistry as ELASTO WALL 351, it features high elongation and low temperature flexibility, while offering greater economy, due to lower build and higher application rate. It is ideally suited to cosmetic renewal of older ELASTO WALL 351 applications.

ELASTO-FILL 354 is a higher solids, lightweight version of ELASTO-MASTIC 352. It is used where higher builds of filler are desired, with lower shrinkage.

350-Series Data Sheet

350-Series SDS


Edison Coatings, Inc. Products are manufactured in the USA from US and foreign components.
E-NHL 2, E-NHL 3.5 White and E-NHL 5.0 are Products of France.
E-NHL 3.5 Buff and Ruregold are Products of Italy. Marfil is a Product of Spain.

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