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Low Temperature Curing, Fast-Setting 100% Solids Epoxies


FLASHEPOXY 580-Series products are fast setting, 100% solids coatings, adhesives and binders used for a wide range of civil engineering and flooring applications.

FLASHEPOXY 580-Series' patented acrylate epoxy technology offers unique benefits, compared with competitive methacrylate monomer and mercaptan-cured epoxy technology, including:

  • Lower odor and toxicity
  • Zero VOC
  • High Strength
  • Non-shrinking
  • Very fast cure
  • Low temperature cure down to -20F
  • Excellent bond to a variety of substrates
  • Moisture tolerant
  • Non-flammable
  • Low viscosity at all temperatures

Flashepoxy 580 Data Sheet

Flashepoxy 580 SDS: PART A, PART B


Edison Coatings, Inc. Products are manufactured in the USA from US and foreign components.
E-NHL 2, E-NHL 3.5 White and E-NHL 5.0 are Products of France.
E-NHL 3.5 Buff and Ruregold are Products of Italy. Marfil is a Product of Spain.

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