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FLEXI-SEAL 510, 510-U



FLEXI-SEAL 510 & 510-U are two-component, highly flexible 100% solids epoxies. They are designed for a variety of specialty uses, including:

To fill, bridge and seal small "working" cracks in concrete, wood and steel while resisting traffic, abrasion, vibration and thermal shock. They are particularly useful for sealing and waterproofing cracks up to 1/8" wide in concrete floors and parking decks, such as shrinkage cracks, settling cracks, flexural (negative moment) cracks and construction joints.

In parking deck applications , FLEXI-SEAL 510 & 510-U provide a means of effectively stopping leakage through the slab at low cost. A three-year study involving treatment of over five miles of cracks in five open, unheated, multi-level commercial parking garages in New York City proved FLEXI-SEAL 510 capable of achieving success rates well above 90% at a fraction of the cost of more expensive repair methods. (PARKING Magazine, April 1990: Concrete Repair Bulletin, IACRS, May 1990; Parking Technology, July 1991). In addition, FLEXI-SEAL 510 exhibited no tendency to induce parallel cracking, as may occur with high modulus epoxy crack sealants and methyl methacrylate systems.

As a "Sealer/Healer" on cracked decks, by simple flood coat application. In such cases, FLEXI-SEAL 510 effectively penetrates cracks while providing a more abrasion-resistant seal coating than competitive, more expensive High Molecular Weight Methacrylate Monomer systems.

To repair control joint and expansion joint nosings which have been damaged by repeated impact, or to prepare flexible patches for areas subject to high vibration or deflection.

In industrial flooring applications , damages to joints in forklift traffic aisles are effectively repaired, providing improved impact resistance.

FLEXI-SEAL 510 features very low moisture insensitivity and high elongation.

FLEXI-SEAL 510-U features low to moderate viscosity and very high elongation.

Flexi-Seal 510, 510-U Data Sheet

Flexi-Seal 510, 510-U SDS: PART A, PART B


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