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Edison Coatings, Inc. Products are manufactured in the United States of America from Components Originating in the United States, Canada, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Australia, South Africa and South Korea.
BioLime NHL 3.5 Buff is a product of Italy. BioLime NHL 2, NHL 3.5 White and NHL 5.0 are Products of France. Marfil is a Product of Spain. SILAN-TREAT 88C is produced in Germany.


Catalytic Weatherproofing Sealers, Stains & Light Consolidants


Edison SYSTEM 90 products are reactive treatments designed for maximum performance and exterior durability protection of on-grade and above-grade concrete and masonry. Surfaces treated with SYSTEM 90 products are sealed against a wide range of chemical and weather exposures, including acid rain, melting snow, freeze-thaw, de-icing salts, air pollutants, wind driven rain and a variety of other materials.

SYSTEM 90-Series sealers are penetrating, breathing treatments designed to chemically react following application on concrete or masonry substrates. Reactions proceed in two directions:

    1. Bonding of the treatment to the substrate

    2. Increase in the treatment's molecular weight

The first reaction results in tenacious adhesion, while the second results in an interlocked matrix within the substrate with a highly stable chemical structure which resists degradation by weather, sunlight and chemical exposures. All 90-Series treatments are UV stable and non-yellowing.

SYSTEM 90 Sealers are all based on carefully formulated combinations of materials which provide better balanced overall performance characteristics than the single ingredient solutions commonly used in weatherproofing. Within the 90-Series there is a wide array of selections, each of which is optimized to a particular range of applications, without being so narrowly targeted as to make selection within the series critical. Formulations have been optimized through exhaustive accelerated weathering tests in accordance with ASTM G-53, correlated with 20 years of natural weathering observations.

All formulations produce durable, cross-linked treatments upon drying. SYSTEM 90-W is low in odor and VOC's, while 90-WL is odorless and has "zero" VOC's. SYSTEM 90-II is formulated with VOC-exempt solvents, allowing maximum severe service performance with complete VOC compliance.


Low Molecular Weight - For Dense & Color-Sensitive Surfaces

This one component, low viscosity, water-borne reactive sealer has been formulated with an emphasis on low molecular weight ingredients. This allows the treatment of color-sensitive surfaces like Limestone and Light-Colored Architectural Concrete with little or no change in appearance, and allows better penetration of dense and traffic bearing surfaces. Minimum application temperature is 40F (4C). It is applied to damp or dry surfaces in two passes, wet on wet, and may be used on all types of natural and manufactured masonry, concrete and stucco. Not for gypsum plasters.


General Purpose Masonry & Concrete

This heavy duty, one component water-borne sealer is designed for use on porous concrete and masonry. Formulated with a combination of low and medium molecular weight components, SYSTEM 90-W restricts larger pore sizes which may otherwise permit moisture infiltration. This makes SYSTEM 90-W an excellent choice for use on common brick, concrete, concrete block, stucco and other natural or manufactured porous masonry surfaces. Product is clear and non-yellowing and self-cross-links to produce slight surface consolidation and improved surface stain and chemical resistance. Treatment may slightly intensify natural color of some color-sensitive surfaces. Minimum application temperature is 500F (lOOC). May be applied to damp or dry surfaces in two passes, wet on wet. Not recommended for use on non-porous surfaces such as ceramic tile or glazed terra cotta.


Severe Service Catalytic Sealers & Consolidants

Designed for the most severe environmental exposures, this two component, VOC-Compliant solvent-borne series of sealers offers exceptional durability in both horizontal and vertical applications. "Regular" SYSTEM 90-II is designed for a wide range of applications on concrete and masonry. For applications on high traffic areas such as parking decks and ramps, SYSTEM 90-II "Primer/Topcoat" combines the excellent penetration and salt water repellency of an oligomeric siloxane/silane primer with the hardness and chemical resistance of a two component high solids topcoat. For highly porous surfaces and vertical applications, SYSTEM 90-II "Type S" provides the benefits of the Regular system in a single coat application. Minimum application temperature is 150F (-40C) on frost-free surfaces. Produces a durable glaze on properly prepared glazed brick and terra cotta.

SYSTEM 90-W-Color, 90-II-Color

High-Performance Pigmented Sealers/Stains

Pigmented treatments combine all the performance of 90-Series sealers with the aesthetic benefits of a durable semi-transparent stain. A wide variety of standard Restoration and Architectural colors is available, as well as custom colors prepared for specific project needs.

SYSTEM 90-Series Features:

ADHESION: All 90-Series products chemically react upon drying to form strong and durable adhesive and cohesive bonds within the surface.

CONSOLIDATION: The cross-linking reaction which occurs during cure forms a tough, cohesive matrix which has a consolidating effect on friable masonry and concrete surfaces. This prevents surface chalking and dusting, and may improve strength and abrasion resistance of treated surfaces. Consolidation effectiveness must be tested by Edison Coatings' laboratory prior to use for this purpose. Contact your Edison Representative for additional information.

CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: Products resist attack by common environmental chemicals, such as acid rain, de-icing salts, common air pollutants, lubricants and anti-freeze.

PENETRATION: Deep penetration of concrete and masonry contributes to excellent wearing, traction and weather resistance characteristics.

WATER REPELLENCY: Resist water infiltration and salt water contamination, even under wind-driven rain and extended ponding conditions.

BREATHING: High vapor permeability prevents entrapment behind the sealer, avoiding damage.

COMPATIBILITY: Let Edison review your requirements and provide a complete system of mutually compatible specialty materials.

VOC COMPLIANCE: All SYSTEM 90-Series products are VOC-Compliant (VOC<600 g/l).






Glazed Brick & Terra Cotta

200-300 sq. ft. per gallon


250-300 sq. ft. per gallon

Dense Concrete




'Average" Surfaces




Common Brick




Concrete Block




Rates are estimates, not specifications. Basis: 1 coat 90-WL, 90-W; 2 coats 90-II (Overall rates; not per coat). For best estimate, apply test areas and measure actual usage rate. NR = Not Recommended


Accelerated Weathering:

1500 hours

90WL: Non-Yellowing


5000 hours

90-W, 90-II: Non Yellowing

Wind-Driven Rain, 98 mph

Pass (90-II)

Federal Specification TT-C-555B



Water Absorption (Ontario MTC) & Moisture Vapor Permeability (Oklahoma D.O.T.)

Low Air Concrete


Vapor Permeability

Untreated Control







1.00% max.

95.0% min.

Air Entrained Concrete


Vapor Permeability

Untreated Control







1.00% max

  95.0% min.

Chloride Ion Penetration Resistance, AASHTO T259, (%Chloride at indicated depth, 3% Salt Ponding)

Low Air Concrete

2-l3mm depth

13-25mm depth

25-38mm depth









Salt Scaling Resistance, Ontario MTC, 50 Freeze-Thaw Cycles


Low Air Concrete

Air Entrained Concrete

Control (Untreated)

1.224 Fail

0.179 Pass


0.394 Pass

0.169 Pass

NCHRP 244 Series II


Minimum Requirement


% Reduction, Water Absorption



% Reduction, Chloride Ion Infiltration



% Vapor Transmission



Chemical Resistance,ASTM D-1308 Modified, SYSTEM 90-W, 90-II

Dilute Muriatic Acid

Motor Oil

Transmission Fluid

Dilute Sulfuric Acid

Vegetable Oil

Ethylene Glycol

Dilute Caustic Soda

Distilled Water

Gasoline, Unleaded

Dilute KOH

Isopropyl Alcohol

Sea Water

NOTE: All chemical resistance data based on spillage or short term immersion.

VOC Content (Calculated)


VOC <600 g/l


<100 g/l




1. Surface Preparation: Apply sealer to clean, damp or dry concrete or masonry substrates, free of grease, oil, dirt, coatings or other materials which may interfere with sealer penetration, or which may stain upon sealer contact. Complete any repairs or caulking prior to sealing. For best results, use Edison 90-Series Sealers in conjunction with SYSTEM 44, Custom 45, and Deck-Top 47 patching and resurfacing compounds.

2. Application: SYSTEM 90-WL and 90-W are generally applied in one coat, using two passes, wet on wet. SYSTEM 90-II Regular is applied in two coats, allowing several hours or more for drying between coats. SYSTEM 90-II Type S is usually applied in one coat, but very porous surfaces may warrant a second application after the first coat has dried. SYSTEM 90-II Primer/Top Coat is applied as a two coat application. The Primer is applied in one coat, using two passes, wet on wet, and the Top Coat is a single pass, applied after the primer has substantially dried.

On vertical surfaces , the products should be applied in such a manner as to saturate the surface without creating a heavy rundown. For best results, work from the bottom up.

On horizontal surfaces, apply sufficient material so that sealer "stands" for several minutes before being fully absorbed. Spread or remove any excess material which remains ponded after 15 minutes.

On new concrete, SYSTEM 90-II can act as a curing compound, reducing rate of moisture loss and thereby aiding in cement hydration. Apply when surface has been finished, has set and has dried sufficiently to allow good sealer penetration. Typically, this will be 12-24 hours after pouring.

3. Temperature Limits & Curing: SYSTEM 90-Series sealers develop water repellency quickly after drying, and generally require no special protection or curing thereafter.

SYSTEM 90-WL should not be applied when rain is anticipated within 12 hours of application, and should be protected, if necessary, during that 12-hour cure period. Minimum application temperature is 400F (40C).

SYSTEM 90-II solvent-borne sealers will not freeze, but the use of any sealer at temperatures below freezing should be avoided, if possible, due to the possibility that frost may impede penetration and adhesion. If sealer must be applied at temperatures below 400F (40C), surfaces must be dry and frost-free.

SYSTEM 90-W waterborne sealer requires a minimum temperature of 500F (l00C) for proper reaction and film formation. Air, surface and product temperatures must all be considered when working at or near marginal conditions. Drying is affected by atmospheric humidity and air movement, so drying times may be greatly extended under cool, damp conditions. Do not apply when temperatures may drop below 500F (l00C) before product has thoroughly dried.

4. Compatibility: Solvents in SYSTEM 90-II may attack asphalt, roofing materials, uncured caulk and some other types of coatings. VOC-Exempt solvents are capable of lifting paint. Do not apply without protecting surfaces or materials which may be damaged by solvent contact. Caulks should be allowed to cure for a minimum of 72 hours before sealer application.

5. Safety & Handling: Carefully read and observe all safety and handling guidelines as detailed in the Material Safety Data Sheets supplied with this product. Use with adequate ventilation. Use organic vapor/mist respirator when spraying. Take proper precautions to prevent solvent fumes or vapors from being drawn into ventilating system intakes, open windows or into occupied areas by any other means. Do not use solvent-borne formulas indoors. Use supplied air respirator when working in enclosed areas.

SYSTEM 90-II solvent-borne formulas are flammable liquids. Do not expose to open flames, sparks or other ignition sources. Observe label warnings. Store in tightly closed containers below 850F (300C), away from any ignition sources. Avoid skin and eye contact. In case of skin contact remove saturated clothing and wash affected area with mild soap and warm water. In case of eye contact flush with clean water for at least 15 minutes and call physician. KEEP FROM FREEZING. Protect cars, shrubbery and other property from overspray, using protective covers.

SYSTEM 90-Series products are for industrial and commercial use only.


Limited Warranty programs are available on an individual project basis. Call for details, coverages and limitations.

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