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This area contains technical publications and sample specifications. It is provided on a complimentary basis to assist the design/specification professional in preparing specifications involving advanced materials for restoration and coating of concrete and masonry substrates.

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    • Section 3133 Concrete Repair
      Section 3133-MSWord
      Section 3133 Concrete Repair, based on SYSTEM 44, is a detailed concrete restoration specification, intended primarily for deck and horizontal concrete surface repair. It is organized in a Section 3133 Concrete Repair format. The specification provides for such options as factory supervision/inspection of work in various stages, as well as for product customization. Review these options carefully, and determine how these issues relate to the particular project before including them in any project specifications. The preparation section includes references to ICRI (International Concrete Repair Institute) guidelines for removal and detailing involving existing unsound materials. Copies of technical guideline #03730 may be obtained from ICRI by calling the institute at 703-450 -0116 during normal east coast US business hours, or visit ICRI on line at
    • Section 4065 Masonry Mortar (For Repointing).
      Section 4065 MSWord Download
      Section 4065 Masonry Mortar, is a complete repointing specification based on Spec-Joint 46 prepackaged, custom-matched, lime-based repointing mortars.
    • Section 4066 Rosendale Natural Cement-Based Masonry Mortar. Section 4066 is a repointing specification for historic buildings built in the 19th Century, using Rosendale natural cement-based mortar.
    • NEW! Sample Specification: Section 4415 Aesthetic Exterior Concrete Wall Repair
      This specification covers the use of custom-matched concrete repair mortars to produce aesthetic repairs that do not require application of coatings.
    • Section 4901 Masonry Restoration. Section 4901 is a detailed specification for repair of natural stone.
    • Section 4902 Terra Cotta Restoration:
      Section 4902 MSWord Download
      Section 4902 Clay Masonry Restoration, based on Custom SYSTEM 45 patching compounds, Thin-Fill 55 Reprofiling Mortar, Spec-Joint 46 repointing mortars, and various auxiliaries.   NOTE: Projects of this type can be extremely diverse in regard to conditions, objectives and options for execution. For this reason, the spec should be seen as a starting point only, and careful consideration should be given to the unique requirements of each project. Edison Coatings welcomes the opportunity to offer job-specific input as well.
    • Section 4903 Injection Grouting Section 4903 is a detailed specification for using injection grout to fill and repair cracks and large voids.
    • Section 7180 Water Repellent/Consolidant
      Section 7180 Water Repellent/Consolidant is built around SYSTEM 90-II, 2 component, solvent-borne sealer/consolidant.
    • Section 7700 Traffic Topping
      Section 7700 MSWord Download
      Section 7700 Traffic Topping, based on FLEXI-DECK 500 traffic topping. This traffic topping specification includes several different possible combinations of coatings, depending on traffic and temperature exposures. Edison Coatings encourages specifiers to review the specific needs of each project carefully, and to consult with Edison Coatings when uncertain.
    • Epoxy flooring
      Epoxy Flooring Spec Download
      Sample Specification & Technical Manual: This is a complete guide to selection, preparation, installation and maintenance of epoxy composite flooring systems. It is intended for use in a wide range of industrial and commercial interior flooring applications.
    • Section 9800 Elastomeric Wall Coating
      Section 9800 MSWord Download
      Section 9800 Elastomeric Wall Coating is a spec for breathable, waterproof, decorative coating for concrete and masonry. May be used independently or in combination with Section 4901 Masonry Restoration or 4902 Clay Masonry Restoration Specification.
    • Section 9801 Mineral Wall Coating
      Epoxy Flooring Spec Download
      Wall coating specification based on EverKote 300 mineral coatings.
    • Section 09 24 00 2-COAT Plaster
      Epoxy Flooring Spec Download
    • Section 09 24 00 3-COAT Plaster
      Epoxy Flooring Spec Download


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