Adhesives, Crack Repair and Structural Strengthening

Systems for adhering and bonding to stone and masonry; crack repair in stone, masonry and concrete; and strengthening of masonry and concrete.


Ruregold FRCM

Ruregold FRCM is a structural strengthening system with bi-directional carbon mesh and stabilized inorganic matrix for masonry constructions. The increased weight of carbon makes it suitable for applications on masonry such as wraps or shear or bending reinforcements. This strengthening system does NOT use epoxy resins and its performance equals that of traditional FRPs with carbon fibers and epoxy binder.

*Ruregold products are structural strengthening systems for concrete and masonry that require design and oversight by a licensed professional engineer. Referrals for third party independent engineering services with expertise in FRCM design are available upon request.

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Flex-Seal 510u

Flexi-Seal 510, 510-U Crack Sealants

FLEXI-SEAL 510 & 510-U are two-component, highly flexible 100% solids epoxies. They are designed to fill, bridge and seal small "working" cracks in stone, concrete, and masonry. They are particularly useful for sealing and waterproofing cracks up to 1/8" wide such as settling cracks, flexural (negative moment) cracks and construction joints.

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Flexi-Weld 520T

Flexi-Weld 520, 520T Masonry Adhesives

FLEXI-WELD 520 and 520-T are two-component, moisture insensitive, high strength 100% solids epoxy adhesives for general purpose bonding to a wide variety of substrates, including stone, masonry and dry or damp concrete.

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Flexi-Fill 530

Flexi-Fill 530 Crack Filler

FLEXI-FILL 530 is a unique two-component, slightly flexibilized 100% solids epoxy-acrylate-isocyanate terpolymer adhesive for surface-sealing cracks and filling small depressions in a wide variety of substrates. Suitable substrates include terra cotta, concrete, masonry and stone. FLEXI-FILL 530 is a paste adhesive, which should be used neat or mixed with coarse fillers and tooled onto bonding surfaces. Although it is packaged in premeasured "A" (Resin) and "B" (Hardener) components, the mix ratio is far less critical than for traditional 2-part epoxy formulations. This allows the user to adjust working consistency at different temperatures. This variable ratio feature makes FLEXI-FILL 530 a true "all season" epoxy adhesive and sealant.

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Restoration Latex RL 1-7

RL-Series Restoration Latexes RL-1, RL-2, RL-3, RL-4, RL-5, RL-6, RL-7 latex-modifiers are unique, reactive acrylic additives designed to enhance the performance of Portland cement-based materials. When added to cement-based mortars, patches, plasters and coatings, RL-Series latex modifiers improve mechanical performance, workability, adhesion and resistance to harsh environmental exposures.

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Flexi-Bond 540

Flexi-Bond 540

FLEXI-BOND 540 is a two component, 100% solids, moisture-insensitive epoxy bonding agent. Application of FLEXI-BOND 540 to wet or dry, properly prepared substrates assures tenacious adhesion of new toppings, patching compounds and tile bedding mortars when used in accordance with instructions. It may also be applied to steel, tile, wood and fiberglass. It can be used as a combination waterproof barrier and bonding agent when applying new concrete toppings over old concrete. It can be used to improve adhesion of tile bedding mortars to existing concrete, or may be used directly for tile bedding in combination with very fine sand. It can be used to prime and waterproof steel reinforcement prior t application of patching compounds or concrete pouring while improving adhesion of these materials. It can be used to penetrate and consolidate low strength floors, such as asbestos-cement or cinder concrete, and to improve adhesion of new toppings or patching compounds to same. It can be used to promote adhesion of concrete, bedding mortars or toppings to non-cementitious substrate, such as tile, plywood decking, or steel plate.

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Flashepoxy 580

Flashepoxy 580 Hi Speed/Lo Temp Epoxy

FLASHEPOXY 580-Series Ultra-Fast & Low Temperature Adhesives / Acrylate-Epoxies are 100% solids, low odor/toxicity, mercaptan-free formulation permits coating and patching down to -220F, for winter, refrigerator, freezer and fast-cure applications. Moisture tolerant, non-flammable, "0" VOC, non-shrink

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Elastowall 351

Elastomeric 350-Series

350-Series Products are permanently flexible breathable masonry coatings and sealants designed to waterproof and decorate vertical and sloped above-grade surfaces, including walls exhibiting small working cracks. They have high vapor permeability, retainh flexibility at low temperatures, and can be applied over a wide variety of previous coatings and treatments.

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Flexi-Deck 500E

Flexi-Deck 500-E Elastomeric Deck Coating

Low viscosity, odorless, 100% solids, self-priming flexible epoxy coating. Used as elastomeric primer for rigid epoxies, as flexible hardcoat over 500-U membranes, or for mechanical room and industrial floor membranes.

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Flexi-Deck 500-U Elastomeric Deck Coating

High elongation permits use as waterproof, crack bridging surface for floors and decks, interior or exterior. Permanent flexibility, even at sub-zero (F) temperatures

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Pump X53i

Pump-X53 Series

PUMP-X53 is a multi-purpose, low modulus, moderate strength filler used for filling cavities, voids and cracks from a minimum of ¼" width up to approximately 18 inches. PUMP-X53i is an ultra-fine, moderate strength micro-injection grout which achieves high flow for efficient filling of small cracks and voids from a minimum width of approximately 1 mm to as much as several inches in thickness. Pump-X 53iE is an ultra-fine, expanding, non-polymer cementitious injection grout designed for filling small cracks and voids in sound concrete and masonry construction. Slight expansion after placement and before final set enables the material to force itself into close, positive contact with internal crack surfaces, where desired. PUMP-X-53iL is a softer, non-polymer, hydraulic lime grout, for use in Historic masonry restorations requiring repairs to lower strength brick and softer stone elements.

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Rosendale Natural Cement Products (R)

Natural cement was the binder of choice in North America for large scale masonry and concrete construction during the 19th and early 20th century. Now this authentic technology is back in production and is available from Edison Coatings, Inc.

Products available include:
     Rosendale 10C Natural Cement
     Rosendale 11G and 11Gi Injection Grouts
     Rosendale 12M Masonry Mortars
     Rosendale 13P Patching Compounds 
     Rosendale 14S Stuccos 
     Rosendale 15W Whitewash
     Rosendale 16B Concrete/Beton

All can be customized for particular projects.

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System 95W

System 95W Consolidants

Penetrating aqueous silicate consolidant solution strengthens many types of friable stone, stucco and concrete.

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Dual Cartridge Mixing Tips

Extra dual mixing cartridge tips may be needed when there are delays in completing the use of a FLEXI-WELD 520-T or FLEXI-FILL 530 dual cartridge epoxy adhesives. FLEXI-WELD 520T/FLEXI-FILL 530 200 ml dual-cartridges are designed for use with these mixing tips for automatically dispensing mixed adhesive at the proper ratio.

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