Water Repellents, Sealers & Consolidants

Systems for weatherproofing and strengthening of stone, concrete and masonry.

System 90W

System 90-Series

Edison SYSTEM 90-Series sealers are reactive treatments designed for maximum performance and exterior durability in protection of on-grade and above-grade stone, concrete and masonry. Surfaces treated with SYSTEM 90 products are sealed against a wide range of chemical and weather exposures, including acid rain, melting snow, freeze-thaw, de-icing salts, air pollutants, wind driven rain and a variety of other materials.Pigmented treatments combine all the performance of 90-Series sealers with the aesthetic benefits of a durable semi-transparent stain.

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Silox-Treat 89W

Silox-Treat 89W, 89WH

Waterborne, reactive silane-siloxane water repellents reduce water absorption in porous substrates without affecting permeability or appearance.

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Silan-Treat 88C

SILAN-TREAT 88C is a reactive paste-grade silane water repellent that provides exceptional depth of penetration and durability of protection for concrete, stucco and other alkaline building materials. It is particularly effective on high density concretes with compressive strengths of 12,000 psi (83 MPa) or more.

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System 95W

System 95W Consolidants

Penetrating aqueous silicate consolidant solution strengthens many types of friable stone, stucco and concrete.

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Spray-Blok 40

Spray Blok 40

Spray Blok 40 is a strippable / sacrificial coating for use as a sacrificial anti-graffiti treatment, liquid masking agent or temporary, removable coating. It is characterized by high solvent resistance and ready redispersion in hot water. It is available in translucent and pigmented forms.

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Aquathane UA210

Aquathane UA210

EDISON AQUATHANE UA-210 products are multi-purpose, high-performance, waterborne polyurethane- based coatings which can be applied to natural stone. They are breathing, low in odor, VOC-Compliant, fast drying, reactive, single component products. Cured films are tough, flexible, and resistant to abrasion and intermittent exposure to water and many chemicals.

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Aqryl X200


AQRYL-X 200 is a high performance, very-low VOC coating designed to provide exceptional water-resistance, vapor permeability and maximum durability. AQRYL-X 200 develops high bond strength to a wide variety of substrates under dry and damp conditions, and retains high performance even after extended moisture exposures.

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