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Laboratory Services

Custom Color Matching, Testing & Analysis

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Architectural Coatings Test Kits

Architectural Coatings test kits allow small-scale mock-up installation prior to larger volume purchases. Designate custom color (if known). Select desired coating.

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Epoxy Coatings Test Kits

Epoxy Coatings test kits allow small-scale mock-up installation prior to larger volume purchases. Select from the list of standard colors or designate custom color (if known). Select proper grade to match required performance properties and composition.

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Color Chips and Charts

Color chips and fan decks are used to assist in selection of colors in situations where custom color-matching is not necessary. The 35-chip cement color set provides physical samples of Custom System 45 in the 35 most popular colors, and can also be used for selection of Spec Joint 46 mortars, Deck Top 47 overlayments and EXPO 43 coatings. The 890-color fan deck provides standard colors for coatings, including Elastowall 351, ElastoTone 353, Aquathane UA210, EverKote 300, Flexi-Deck 500-Series and System 90-Color.

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Color Pak - Dry

Dry Color Paks, produced either as pure pigments or in the same binder/base as the product to be tinted, can be used for field tinting or adjustment or matching of colors. Select base under "Options".

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Color Packs

Color Paks - Liquid

Liquid Color Paks, produced in the same base as the product to be tinted, can be used for field tinting, adjustment or matching of colors. Tint strength of each color pack is moderated to make field tinting as user-friendly as possible. Select product base under "Options".

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Training Kits

Training kits are a convenient and economical way to order all of the Edison Coatings products you will need for an in-house or on-site training program. Each training kit includes:

Custom System 45

Thin Fill 55

Aquathane UA210E

AquaSpex 220

Elastowall 351

Liquid Color Packs

Flexi-Fill 530

LiquiDirt 94

Restoration Latex RL-2

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Liquidirt 94

LiquiDirt 94

LiquiDirt 94 is a durable semi-transparent stain. It may be applied unevenly to new masonry, masonry repairs or existing surfaces to produce a weathered appearance. It may also be applied uniformly to aid in matching of new materials to old.

LiquiDirt 94 Color Chart

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System 22

System 22 Set Retarder

System 22 HC is a ready-to use set retarder for cement-based materials. It can aid in exposing aggregate in concrete, cement plaster, mortars, and patching compounds, by spraying on the surface. It can also increase set times and working times in cement based materials, by direct addition to the mix.

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