Stone Repair

Systems for repair of natural building stone and masonry.

Custom 45

Custom System 45

Custom SYSTEM 45 products are color-matched cement-based patching compounds used to produce highly durable and compatible aesthetic repairs to natural stone and masonry.

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THIN-FILL 55 Reprofiling Mortar

THIN-FILL 55 is a latex-modified reprofiling mortar for application of thin-section patches of 1/32 to 1/4 inch depth while maintaining excellent adhesion, strength, breathability and resistance to cracking. THIN-FILL 55 provides smooth finishes which can also be further polished to repair glazed terra cotta, smooth poured concrete or polished stone profiles. It can also be tooled after set to reproduce fluted profiles.

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Restoration Latex RL 1-7

RL-Series Restoration Latexes RL-1, RL-2, RL-3, RL-4, RL-5, RL-6, RL-7 latex-modifiers are unique, reactive acrylic additives designed to enhance the performance of Portland cement-based materials. When added to cement-based mortars, patches, plasters and coatings, RL-Series latex modifiers improve mechanical performance, workability, adhesion and resistance to harsh environmental exposures.

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Pump X53i

Pump-X53 Series

PUMP-X53 is a multi-purpose, low modulus, moderate strength filler used for filling cavities, voids and cracks from a minimum of ¼" width up to approximately 18 inches. PUMP-X53i is an ultra-fine, moderate strength micro-injection grout which achieves high flow for efficient filling of small cracks and voids from a minimum width of approximately 1 mm to as much as several inches in thickness. Pump-X 53iE is an ultra-fine, expanding, non-polymer cementitious injection grout designed for filling small cracks and voids in sound concrete and masonry construction. Slight expansion after placement and before final set enables the material to force itself into close, positive contact with internal crack surfaces, where desired. PUMP-X-53iL is a softer, non-polymer, hydraulic lime grout, for use in Historic masonry restorations requiring repairs to lower strength brick and softer stone elements.

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System 95W

System 95W Consolidants

Penetrating aqueous silicate consolidant solution strengthens many types of friable stone, stucco and concrete.

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Expo 43-comp1

EXPO 43 Cement-Based Coating

EXPO 43 is a polymer-modified cement-based coating designed for use in thin-section decoration, texturing and weatherproofing applications. This material provides aesthetically pleasing surfaces for building finishes, masonry coating, stucco and patching.

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Everkote 300

EverKote 300 Mineral Coatings

EverKote 300 coatings are waterborne inorganic paints and stains based on potassium silicate binders. Potassium silicate masonry paints have been in use for over a century to provide extremely durable, breathable color coatings on all types of mineral based substrates, including stone, masonry, concrete and cement plaster (stucco). Two standard grades are available: Penetral Low Viscosity, SemiTransparent Stains and Patinar Medium Viscosity, Opaque Coatings.

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Liquidirt 94

LiquiDirt 94

LiquiDirt 94 is a durable semi-transparent stain. It may be applied unevenly to new masonry, masonry repairs or existing surfaces to produce a weathered appearance. It may also be applied uniformly to aid in matching of new materials to old.

LiquiDirt 94 Color Chart

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Rosendale Natural Cement Products (R)

Natural cement was the binder of choice in North America for large scale masonry and concrete construction during the 19th and early 20th century. Now this authentic technology is back in production and is available from Edison Coatings, Inc.

Products available include:
     Rosendale 10C Natural Cement
     Rosendale 11G and 11Gi Injection Grouts
     Rosendale 12M Masonry Mortars
     Rosendale 13P Patching Compounds 
     Rosendale 14S Stuccos 
     Rosendale 15W Whitewash
     Rosendale 16B Concrete/Beton

All can be customized for particular projects.

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CemPlast 54

CEM-PLAST 54 Stucco

CEM-PLAST 54 is a series of pre-colored, prepackaged cement plasters for use in new construction and restoration. They are formulated in accordance with ASTM C 926 specifications to provide consistent, reliable results in both performance and appearance.

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